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Mustika Pearls

Mustika Pearls and Bezoar Stones and White Magic

The word Bezoar is derived from an Arabic word which means “protection from poison.”  As we apply it to the Bezoar Stones, the much prized Mustika Pearls and Bezoar Stones have always been closely associated with the power to cure and protect. Therefore, they have always been closely associated with the ritualistic practice of White Magic. In particular, those rituals offer protection from dark or negative forces or psychic assault.

The powers of the Mustika are closely bound to the elemental spirit tied to them, and are used in shamanistic practices to invoke the totemic abilities of the animals in which they were formed. Mustikas have long been used as talismans and amulets for psychic protection. Often, these objects are used to bestow upon the user of the Mustika the strengths and virtues of the animal from their place of origin. However, since Mustika are great conduits for psychic and metaphysical energies any White Magic ritualistic practice can be enhanced by a correctly tuned Mustika.

According to practitioners of White Magic, there are quite a few methods of psychic shielding, psychic protection, or guarding yourself from unwanted or negative energies that may affect your personal Aura. Rituals that invoke Guardianship, such as to call upon Guardian Angels or Protective Spirits, are particularly enhanced by Mustika. Mustika by their very nature are attached to Elementals or spiritual beings. The Mustika and Bezoar Stones have long been used to summon these entities to provide powerful protection against spells, psychic vampires, and other forms of psychic attack.

A note about using Mustikas for psychic protection: the use of Mustika and Bezoar Stones for psychic self-defense has been well documented.  Yet, it is recommended that you purchase your Mustika only from sources that know how to verify the stones for their authenticity, and have the psychic abilities to consecrate the stones and clean them of any harmful psychic energies they may have selected along the way from their point of origin. A person in search of Mustika for use in psychic protection should be sure to acquire them from a valid source offering the verification consecration service.

There are many philosophies of spirituality and mysticism, yet there are similarities that run through all practices of so-called Magic or use of Psychic Abilities. Most of what we think of today as Occultism, The Paranormal, or New Age Mysticism derives from the Seven Rays. The Seven Rays is a notion of spiritual or divine energies that are accountable for all life functions on a physical and astral level. Any “magic” is mainly the ability to tap into and manipulate these energies. Certain items, such as crystals and the Mustika, are closely aligned with these energies or rays, and can be used as a conduit to them. The Mustika, therefore, are objects of power that can be used by any spiritual discipline, even by those practitioners who, until now, have been unfamiliar with them. Followers of Kabbalah, uses of The Tarot, Wiccans, Chakra Healers, Reiki Masters, and all others with proven or developing psychic abilities, can benefit from adding Mustikas to their practices or pathway to enlightenment.