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Testimonials from our Customers

Mani Zone is continually dedicated to increase customer satisfaction and meet it. It is therefore, we would like to welcome your opinions good and bad. We intend to address both types of issues with equal attention and will work to a stable and satisfying conclusion for all parties involved. Any bad comments or misunderstandings will be addressed and resolved to the best of our ability. Any good comment, we would like to share with our existing and new customers.

Please see below, some of the excellent comments we have received from our customers regarding our products and services. These testimonials are from all our sites, Astral Magick, Ancient Keris, Mustika Pearls & Mani Zone. The shop where the testimonial originated from will be specified next to their name. When applicable, the product name will be specified too.

Please email us to submit your testimonial. Please do not forget to leave your name and location after your comment. We will review the comments to ensure they are not obscene or offending to the general public in any way and then submit your comments to be posted as soon as possible. We do not mind withholding your name and location, if you wish for us to do so, simply let us know when submitting your testimonial.


“Dear Mr. Zahir we send you this with love and with permission for you to chose what you like from this that we write to you.

Best wishes, Ivan and Maja”

“Searching on internet before a few years, a protection from bad energy for my home and myself,I find Mani Zone and Mustika Pearls, which are in my country very strange.

I was delighted. My first Mustika and I, we are ONE. A Together love and respect, of course in time I grew up a little collection, which makes my home and family happier and fulfilled with protection.

Like every life being, they are very individual. They have a strong personality and a high level of higher self. They help to You to reach out a high spiritual cleanliness. The cleanliness about You may never dream of.

Cobra Royal Crown

She demands ”royal treatment", she likes to be on higher place, with fresh flowers, on dominated position in room in which she have a full control. She loves bathing in salt water, clear and filtering spring water. Cobra crown likes also a sun light, mantras, the whole room are dancing when she is happy. Many, many beatiful things and moments were happening with Mustika Pearls. The higher self, selfconfidence,v isualisation, relaxation and easy meditation. Beautiful! There a lot of different things, but what are those things? You can find out with your own Pearls.Peace and good luck to everybody,


“Crocodile Crown
She give me protection from evil people at work, and also from people that give me a "bad look".
When I go to work, I put a Crocodile crown in a small bag and I wear it around my neck, near a heart or on my stomach. The Crocodile Crown likes sitting with flowers, dry raisins, also likes to bath in salt water once a month. Every day I spread oil over my Crown and water that my husband made. I love Crocodile Crown very much; she is my friend who helps me in everyday things, going at work, time that I spent at work and in communication to lot of different people till the time when I go to sleep. She especially likes when she come home that I put her on her altar that I have made for her with a roses.

Best regards,  Maja,Croatia”


Submitted By Ivan & Maja, Croatia. (27th May 2009)
Shop – Mani Zone
Product – Cobra Crown Pearl & Crocodile Crown Pearl


“Hi Zahir,

I want to let you and other know how amazing the pearls and angelic stone are, and how much I have grown as a person since my first purchase from you.  I am much stronger as a person and I hardly feel upset about anything anymore, I have much more creative energy and everything since is possible for me again, I would never thought that I could expect all that from a few pearls, since I have never heard of mustika pearls before and only go by my hunch feeling when I made the purchase, that hunch feeling really paid off, I can't wait to buy another one soon.

My tiger pearl, I name him Simson, he is my first pearl, I can feel instantly of the energy ripple through my palm, it was overwhelming.  When I sleep with it at night, my dreams feel very different, he becomes my teacher and shows me how to be fearless and take on challenges and not take the easy way out. He confronts all my fears at night, at time I feel like being bully over but that how I summon my straight, and through him I also learn to see people truly for who they are, at time I  find it very surprising, when people start talking and I immediately know they are lying.

My earth Dragon, his name is Bee-sar. In the morning on the day he arrived, I already felt him near, like he is already communicating with me. I’m not psychic or practitioner of any sort and I can still feel things, that tells you how powerful the dragon really is.  Bee-sar calms my mind and my body better that any yoga class I had ever taken, I can seriously able to sit to meditate for an hour easily and I feel so strong inside my body and outside as well. I feel this pearl is very healing for the body mind and soul and also helps me connect to my sensual side and to the nurturing energy of the earth and there is  still so much more.......

If I used my logical and linear mind, I would had never made the purchase, I also feel that my logical rational mind no longer comprehend the depth and the mysteries of the soul. I am ready to step out my comfort zone and embark on a new journey of mysteries, self discovery, magic and spirituality.  and believe that anything is possible, Thanks !  You do the world a great service!


Submitted By Nancy Nymeyer, USA. (25th May 2009)
Shops – Mani Zone & Astral Magick
Products – Tiger Pearl, Earth Dragon Pearl & Angelic Stone


“Dear Zahir,

Hello. I took some time off from my healing activities this past month.

In my personal life, things have greatly changed since obtaining the mermaid.

I have started a relationship that started out as friendship and has grown into much more. It has brought a greater happiness into my life.

I was guided to quit my job, I had no prospects, I was going on Faith. Seven days later, an International figure offered me a job working as a writer/editor for his new website. He introduced me to his staff in a very nice way. They put my bio out on their website and I received 3 emails from strangers the first day excited to hear about the cloud crystal and the things that have happened to me on my adventures. His right hand man spoke to me for a long time and asked me to write my autobiography and feels it would be received well. He gave me much Guidance and connected me with a friend, a mentor for me, in writing. He wants to see the finished product.

I will be working with Mark Huber and the people at Galactic Round Table. They are building their own website regarding their radio show and other postings. See

I also took my children on a wonderful trip to the Grand Canyon and Mesa Verde.

Love & Peace,


Submitted By Elizabeth Trutwin, USA. (14th May 2009)
Shop – Mani Zone
Product – Mermaid Pearl


“Hi Zahir

             I was in a deep sleep a few nights ago when a voice spoke into my ear and woke me up.

I woke up from quite a deep sleep but my eyes remained closed. This was because I was having a vision, i.e. I woke up into the vision. I saw very vivid vibrant colours. The colours alternated between green and Pink!!!! All I saw was green then pink, then green and so on. In the colours I could see images but could not make then out very clearly.

One image did stand out though. The whole image was light-ish green, with an imaged etched out with very fine white lines (line engraved, or like a fingerprint etc). I could make out what looked like a tree trunk with a face with branches coming from its top and bottom but it was not like a tree. The face was what you would see in traditional pictures in fairy tales. The impression I got was very earthy in appearance so I assumed it was the spirit in the earth stone that was making its self known to me. COOL!

I can associate green with the earth but is pink also an earth colour? I'm totally convinced the earth spirit has made himself known, but the fire spirit seems far more elusive at the moment, unless I’ve missed the signs.


Submitted By Alan Woods, USA. (11th April 2009)
Shop – Mani Zone
Product – Mustika Pearls


“Hello Zahir

                 The 1st night I had the pearls by the side of my bed, and when I was reading a book a violet coloured orb appeared on the page. It was about 2 inches square, sort of square shaped but the corners were like blobs. So I think one of the spirits made its presence known, I think it may have been the earth spirit myself. A few days later I had the thunderbolt pearl in my pocket and I momentarily saw hundreds of blue orbs everywhere in the room. I've had a few lucid dreams over the weeks but nothing I can connect with the pearls. The earth pearl has physically changed a lot more since I last emailed you. The rough upper part that was black/brown is nearly all completely blue now. That’s all I have experienced up to now with the pearls, I carry them around with me when I can and sleep with them by the side of my bed, it's still early days yet, but what I’ve experienced up to now has impressed me.


Submitted By Alan Woods, USA. (26th March 2009)
Shop – Mani Zone
Product – Thunderbolt Pearl & Puser Bumi Pearl



     I have had some amazing experiences. Last week I was learning the Dance Of the Winds from a tree-spirit in my dreams. You stand tall and root your legs in the earth energy, then let the wind move your arms in sacred patterns. Ovals and infinity signs. You reach up to the sun and let the power flow out from your fingers/leaves as joy when you greet the sun. The love in your heart for the earth mother and all the creatures on her creates fruit which pops out as gifts to everyone. Always you dance in the wind, your entire life, giving thanks, creating power, showering the earth with life. The wind plays with you, sways you, loves you! There were no words, but it was beautiful. The movements are healthy and healing. I danced that morning and was glad.

     The last few days I have been under heavy attack at work...last ditch efforts to keep me from getting to Italy for the Pranic Healing classes. It is not going to work! I will have enough money. I just woke up from heavy sleep, where I was attacked by demons. They managed to get through all the shields for the first time in many weeks. This time there was a difference, though. I had one of my kerises in my dreams with me. None of the things attacking me could stand before us! He fought with me! I am very joyous. We are no longer master and blade, we are part of a team. I am learning so much with them. I am very grateful to you for helping to make these things happen! Thank you.

Again:The keris in my dreams was the first one I bought from you. It seems that it takes time for them to get to know you and integrate into your mind and spirit. They have been sharing my daily meditations....I invited them to. I am using four level (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) shields to protect my house, car, and to protect my finances. They are reflective to negative energies

Blessings in Light, ~~~Loria Holdren"

Submitted By Loria Holdren, USA. (18th Nov 2008)
Shop - Ancient Keris
Product - Several Kerises


" What can i it says in the books of Dune "the sleeper has awakened" my pearl is beautiful she showed herself to me the first night i had her and i have been shown so many things these past few life has changed these past few weeks i now know what and who i am !! Everything i've ever dreamed about being all i've ever read about is what i am.. and my pearl has helped me see that!

 Can't say how happy i've been since getting my pearl all i Can say is Hello i'm Robert and i am re-born

 thank you so so much"

Submitted By Robert Wylie, Ireland. (22nd June 2008)
Shop - Mani Zone
Product - Thunderbolt Pearl


" My partner has a black dragon crown with a spirit of akasha (from the void) residing in it that has a warrior temperament. It is difficult to describe how profoundly her life has changed as a result of this companion. One of the most notable differences is that when we have to go into a busy town and mingle with the crowds, she does not come away totally drained any other words psychic protection against the gross energies and leeching entities is extremely effective. More than this is the companionship the being offers on a spiritual level - she has appeared in my partners dreams and pulled her out of one very sticky situation indeed by delivering an unbelievable/miraculous stroke of luck.

Our cats always let us know when we are kidding ourselves. If we ever put crystals in there beds or nearby, they will, after a short while, move away or refuse to use their bed anymore.

With the black dragon crown on the other hand, they will sleep right on top of her, and they compete with each other to do this!


Submitted By N, United Kingdom. (5th June 2008)
Shop - Mani Zone
Product - Black Dragon Crown Pearl


Sent: 03 July 2008 05:39

"Dear Sir: 

I have a question about my Bear Pearl.  Since Sunday when I received the information/instructions from you, I have been having trouble remembering his name "Soma."  I asked my friend to help me remember it and he said that perhaps it was not correct.

When I asked the Bear Pearl if "Soma" was his name, my hand shook in circles.  In fact, my hand shook in circles for the gender.  When I spell out new letters, what gets positive movements is female "Mobi."   Is this possible? "

Sent: 08 July 2008 06:17

"I just wanted to stay in touch and give you an update and question about my dear Bear Pearl.  I have been soaking it in tap water every day, rubbing it with Frankincense and taking it everywhere with me. 

What seems to be coming through is that there are 2 spirits within, Soma and Mobi, male and female, with the female energy being dominant.   I am in a spiritual group of table tippers and this has been confirmed.  Have you ever encountered this situation?  All 3 of us seem quite compatible and remarkable changes for the good have been happening since the first night of receiving your instructions.



Submitted by Francia Parsons, United States. (July 8th 2008)

Shop - Mani Zone

Product - Bear Pearl


"Thank you for asking me to share my experiences with the Cloud Pearl. People reading this should know I bought the Cloud Pearl because I was inspired to follow my Higher Guidance. I was brought to your website by ArchAngel Metatron and he showed me which crystal. I did not know a cloud crystal existed before this. I have known about these things four months. I thank you for your dedication and hard work in making these things available in this world. Part of my service work is to share with you my experiences. I openly share about some things not widely known.

 I suggest readers to utilize their innate heart knowingness of truth,  I share to the degree I understand it.

When a person holds the Cloud Pearl, it expands their energy. It is a crystal that is from another Universe. It is a Cloud Pearl because it is not from Earth. When one holds it and another crystal, say quartz crystal, it expands the energy of what else one holds. It makes the other crystal's effects stronger by a significant amount.

It has healing abilities that I believe to be intricate, but I do not yet understand that part, though I experienced a healing.

I asked the Pearl if it could stop bleeding and I placed it over the bleeding site and within moments the tissues shrunk and the bleeding stop, a significant amount. The Cloud Pearl also helped me become lighter and I went down a size.

The purpose was so I could transmit light energy more efficiently. The crystal has an Elemental Spirit and Zahir shared with me his name. He talks to me telepathically like an Angel or Star Master. I did not have to do anything special to start this communication, except believe I could.

He said he will tell me all the things the crystal can do in time, as I won't understand all of it now. He has a funny sense of humor and it took me a minute to get comfortable talking to him.

It does not hold properties of Earth Crystals. One of the things it does is, it works as a portal to Star Gates and other Universes.

When one wishes to pass through a Star Gate to another  Planet or even another Universe, there is the necessity to change energy.

This crystal is that energy. When I have it I can go through the Star Gates very easily. It has been described as a 'keyless entry' which the crystal knows 'the code'. The way it works is we travel together in light form and when we get to the star gate the crystal's light pattern plays over the 'keypad' and lets me and the ones who I bring with travel onto the other side. Right now I am working with the Lord of Sirius and Dr. Lorphan of Sirius and others from there. I am also working with those from Andromeda. I have talked to the Star Masters in meditation and I have been overlighted by Dr. Lorphan. He is teaching me new ways of discerning energies.

My first work with the crystal is to take those who have never experienced formless form to the Star Gates in the dream state. I find those who will go with me by streams of light that is their desire to go. I travel with the light form of the crystal (I hold it in my left hand while I sleep). I travel with my TwinFlame and Hermes and other Guardians. Hermes has been given the ability to pass through Star Gates and not all can. We take people to the Star Gate and there our friends from Sirius and Andromeda wait to bring an experience to them.

I received this in meditation from the Rainbow Light Beings: 

"The Cloud Pearl does many many things and for the next few months you will only use it for one thing, and have begun already. In time you will learn more ways to use it. Your first use is to bring people to the Star Gates in Sirius and Andromeda. You will do this anonymously and will not know who you take (except in a few cases you will remember as you did last week). The purpose is, when you pass them through the Star Gate, then we are there to meet you, Dr. Lorphan and the Sirians and the Andromedans depending...The initiates you bring to us now are those who have never left your galaxy, who have never known formless form. In dreamtime they come with you to us and when they travel with us they have an experience that leaves a tremendous impression on them. The result is it stirs up awakening. When they return they realise what a gift living in form is. They are stirred to follow Guidance on a deeper level. This trip specifically helps one to be inspired to finally turn back on ego mind. It helps with sitting on the fence. New ideas float in and the heart is open to receive. One will read things about being christed and it will start to make sense, see Jesus as an equal, not a savior, etc. It will bring people to the next level."

A psychic I work with believes traveling to other places in this Galaxy and to other Universes bring us experiences that are a part of the Ascension process. In his experience, people who do this go 'asleep' and bring back no conscious memory of their journey and that what they experience. It is possible to do these things without the Cloud Pearl. He understands the Cloud Pearl makes the connection in a way where people will be able to consciously remember these experiences.

I will be attempting this for myself now and we will see what results it brings.

Later, when I know more, I am happy to share what I glean.

My Gratitude,


Submitted by Elizabeth *, USA (Psychic Practitioner) (May 2nd 2008)

Shop - ManiZone

Product - Cloud Pearl

*(Customer's surname has been removed as requested to maintain confidentiality)


"Hi Zahir,

I have followed your advice on the meditating as best i could. The first night i had disturbed sleep - felt like there were people in the room - with dreams of the kujang turning blue then red and a tiger roaming around.

I have also felt increased energy flow and renewed confidence. The Kujang seems to have settled down now even tho i continue to meditate.

Many Thanks Vincent"

Submitted by Vincent Nayler, United Kingdom. (February 18th 2008)

Shop - Astral Magick

Product - Kujang Khodam Prabu Siliwangi (Code: AM0158)


"Hi Zahir,

I had finished the whole Mantra chant for activation and coincidently it was completed on a Friday Morning which is very auspicious. However it would be a great reminder if one has to do the 13 different Mantra, that they chant for the required amount. It took me 8 hours or more to complete that and it was quite impossible to do it without a pause in between as I had chores to do within.

I am just glad that whilst chanting the 3rd part, I could already feel my Khodam King or the Spiritual brothers around me and touching my hair. It was not a scary feeling as communicating (non verbally) has been part of my life since 7. Up to now Khodam King has assisted me in doing spiritual practices and I am totally pleased with this wonderful course. I even had a very strange moment when my playlist on my itune due to the sequences had the gamelan (Indonesian traditional music) album coming up and then suddenly I could feel him dancing or happily moving in the living room while I continued to chant.

This course is only for people who have a lot of patience and knows that you have to spend 6 to 8 hours on this course. Personally I would say, starting this self empowerment on a weekend without disturbance is the BEST or if possible on FRIDAY!

Peace in your heart & in the World,"

Submitted By Wan, Singapore/Belgium. (January 2008)
Shop - Astral Magick
Product - Sapujagad Angel Empowerment Item

"Your company can satisfy even the most demanding customers like me."

Submitted By Wan, Singapore/Belgium. (January 2008)
Shop - Astral Magick

"Hi there,

Apologies for the delayed response but to be honest I wanted to get to know him before I was entitled to write a testimonial.

The cobra pearl contains great wisdom and reveals it's essence to those who are willing to seek it. The first night I received it, the elemental presented himself in a brilliant purple form, which was short lived however introductions were over, I had Met Itrin. Many times during meditation sessions his wisdom has guided me. One particular night the pearl rolled out of my hands, fell on the floor and stopped directly under my alter where I keep a pen and paper. He urged me to write, now excuse my vanity but I must say this was unlike any literature I had ever written, I was ecstatic.

On the 18th of June something happened which still amazes me to this day. I woke up that morning with the idea that I would go about my day as usual so I started getting ready for work. Then I quickly received an urge to avoid work but my rational was adamant that I would not let my employer down (specially when there is no solid reason for my
absence e.g. illness). I was in a bit of a mental dilemma when Itrin communicated his confirmation on my gut feeling. I didn't question his intelligence and called in sick. That day the Melbourne CBD shootings took place in the same place around the same time that I normally drive through to get to work. I am forever grateful.

These two incidents are a few of the countless magical experiences I've had with Itrin. He has also shown me the snake which inhibited him for so long, this creature moved with swift elegance and was extremely enchanting, it carried such potent energy. Energy that focuses on shedding old skin and movement, not allowing fear to cripple wonderful endless possibilities.

Mani Zone is providing an opportunity to excel your life and achieve goals by reaching your highest potential with the aid of divine guidance.

I conclude by saying that these words hardly do the experience any justice.

Thank You"

Submitted By Tugce G, Australia. (July 2007)
Shop - Mani Zone


"I am very well satisfy with the customer service and the business that we have with each other. The business had very well knowledge of the items and can teach alot of things. All I can really say is buy the product and you will see and experience!"

Submitted By Bob, USA. (Shamanic Practitioner)
Shop - Mani Zone

"Today, I have felt so drained and tired that I felt the best thing to do was complete rest, and of course this gave me an opportunity to get to know Aji ! Aji - the elemental looks quite young, which puzzled me a bit as the 'age' of the Spirit is 72. So I asked Aji about this and he said he can look any age he wants depending on the circumstances. He also told me he originated in Sumatra, and let me experience what it is like to go for a ride INSIDE the snake, well that was something else!! I think he will bring a lot of sparkle and surprises to me. He already likes 'oak moss & patouli oil'. I just hope he chooses to stay with me for a long time. One other thing I forgot to mention, and again it caught me by surprise, but Aji has small extremely fast moving transparent wings. He really is quite lovely. He takes me back to my childhood when I had such a strong belief in fairies, although I never saw one, I always was convinced they existed ! Many thanks and much peace, and carry on with the good work !"

Submitted By Lesley Moyer, UK. (Spiritual Healer & Practitioner)
Shop - Mani Zone

"Dear Zahir,

I am so happy now when I am writing this. I knew since yesterday that the spirit was of a younger female and as the time progressed there was no way I could believe that this was not a genuine item. The power of attracting what is needed to accomplish is very strong within me, leading me to magnetically attract both good and bad things at a very accelerated rate. Earlier today, before I read the paper you attached, I felt how I was more drawn to certain ways, causing me to be a part of most wonderfull and important situations. Also as I spoke to people my voice felt naturally lighter and softer, different people have reacted clearly more familiar than usual to my presence.

There is no way I could thank you enough mr Zahir. What you have enriched my life with is priceless. This was precisely what I needed most, some pointers to lead me in the right directions. I cannot really translate my thankfullness into words, it's just fantastic. The feeling that flows trough my body since I found this pearl is just so good!

You are providing this planet a service so fine I can not find a word good enough to justify it. It would be such an honour to get the chance of possibly obtain some day another pearl from you sir. Once again, thank you.

Yours Sincerely // Stefan"

Submitted by Stefan, Netherlands. (Spiritual Practitioner)
Shop - Mani Zone

“You can use my experience as reviews on your site. That would be a great way to spred some of the knowledge regarding this matter. This weekend I have had a great amount of time getting to know the coconut pearl. It's powers are immense, defeniately the most directly powerfull sacred object I have ever encountered. It's energies pulsate in a really strong way. And it is a king also, I cannot thank you enough for this great gift sir.

The centipede pearl I can feel have pretty fast, yet light energies. Two times it has caused physical light flashes in my room when I have closed my eyes. However it's powers is all good, and powerfull even though it is pretty small. I have not yet evaluated this one very much, but from what I can tell I really like this one =)

I have to go now, and I wish you all the luck sir.

Yours Sincerely //Stefan”

Submitted by Stefan, Netherlands. (Spiritual Practitioner)
Shop - Mani Zone

“Regarding my work with the other pearls I can tell you that I have much broader horizons and are more aware of my state and development than before. The orchid pearl follows me wherever I goes as she is just to sweet. The scorpion pearl is very, very wise. I keep her (as the orchid pearl) on 22kt gold to honour her earth energies. She has scared me sometimes, but that is because she is so real and experienced. Can't go wrong with her, and the honey pearl is very expanding, representing a ever continuing flow of some sort and I believe he could be priceless to assist in a relationship.

Their effectiveness is in how they are utilized, so if I do my best "out there" and utilize all my potential then they does the same. I will send you an update in a month or so in my progress, then I will have a more clearer understanding.

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