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Lucky Gemstones, Magic Rocks and Crystals

Lucky gemstones appear in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes and properties. There are lucky gemstones for romance, health, protection, prosperity, power, courage, beauty, and for amassing general good luck and good fortune. However, not all gemstones and crystals are thought to contain properties of luck and increased fortune. Not all gemstones are created equal for these purposes. Lucky gemstones should not be confused with magic rocks and crystals which are used to amplify one’s magical ability or used for magic rituals. Lucky gemstones are intended to be used, worn or meditated with by the owner to bring them what they yearn in life. They also serve as talismans that abet the owner in staying out of harm’s way and keeping others from bringing harm into their lives.

For the intentions of this article, we will first look at lucky gemstones and the crystals and stones in each category that is well-suited to bring desired attributes to the owner of that stone. The first category involves what most desire when it comes to lucky gemstones is money, wealth, and financial prosperity. Some lucky gemstones that are fine for this purpose include: Jade, Bloodstone, Fire Opal, Green Garnet, tourmaline and malicate. In general, crystals, minerals and stones with a greenish hue serve best for this purpose, but this is not always the case. The second category that enchants most people is romance and love. Crystals that are said to be good aids in the area of romance include: rose quartz, aquamarine, jade, fire jasper, onyx, sunstone, lapis, kunzite, moonstone, morganite and rutilated clear quartz. For good health and well being, good lucky gemstones to choose would be: amethyst, amber, cat’s eye, agate, bloodstone, garnet, smoky quartz, rose quartz, topaz, red jasper, zebra stone and tourmaline. When it comes to lucky gemstones that offer protection to the wearer there are many options, some of which include: agate, jet, hematite, aquamarine, obsidian, peridot, moonstone, tourmaline and red jasper. With all these options, you may find it difficult to settle on which stones are best for you. A good suggestion is to get a feel for each type of stone for its intended purpose and see how it makes you feel. Do you enjoy the presence of that particular crystal, mineral or gem? Do you feel a certain energy emanating from it? If this is the case, then that stone may be the lucky gemstone for you. Some, as you see from the lists, overlap, so you may buy rose quartz for romance and good health. Some experts suggest that you only focus on one or two specific purposes and stones at a time in order to give your full concentration to the properties that lucky gemstone possesses. Others imply that you wear as many as you think is feasible or necessary on your person each day. Either way, you should be sure to clean your lucky gemstones periodically by immersing it in sea salt for at least twenty-four hours. This practice will allow the lucky gemstones or stones to recharge and will free any accumulated negative energy that it might have picked up throughout the day or week. Most would agree that your lucky gemstone is for your use only and should not be used by others.

Another type of stone that is often used for luck but serve another purpose all together that was mentioned earlier is magic rocks or crystals. These have very different properties and uses and should be treated with utmost respect by the magic practitioner. Some magic rocks and crystals that are considered to be aids in these types of endeavors include: Blue aventurine, lace agate, clear quartz crystal, garnet, emerald, opal, moonstone, malicite, jet and jade. Each magic rock and crystal has its own specific uses and you would be wise to examine them well before attempting to utilize them for magical purposes such as spell casting and increasing psychic abilities. Magic rocks and crystals can be an advantage to those who are interested in metaphysics and magic, but they can be very hazardous in the wrong hands or can turn out undesirable results. As with lucky gemstones, those who seek magic rocks and crystals should get a feel for each stone either by looking at them or touching them, if possible, to see if any attraction between the gemstone and the person is present.

Yet another available option for both lucky gemstones use and magic rocks and crystals are Mustika pearls. These special stones are loaded with beneficial attributes that can bring wealth, prosperity, romance, good health and protection to the owner of them. There are also specimens that are known for their magical properties and for increasing physic abilities. These pearls come in a stunning array of colors and types and are well worth the time of investigation.