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Metaphysical Healing Crystals Stones & Pearls


Metaphysical Healing Crystals Stones Gems Minerals Fossils Rocks Mustika Pearls & Bezoar Stones


Mustika pearls are a mystical manifestation that occurs in many living creatures.  These healing minerals can be found in fossils, animals, plants, and humans.  They have been said to have been found in saints and holy people, and those with an elevated relationship with a higher power.  The mustika pearl originates in these spiritual vessels, and causes them to exude positive power.  They are very commonly found in Indonesian areas, and are elements of a larger part of the universe, that which is metaphysical.  Mustika pearls possess an occult power even greater than those of healing crystals, which is truly under-explored in Western culture.  These pearls hold the energy of the being they were created in, and lend their power to the beholder.  A distinct few are able to own these magical pearls, and should consider themselves lucky if they obtain one in their lifetime.


The way in which one knows that one holds a true mustika pearl is quite simple.  Mustikas exude a power so sensational, one should be able to hold an authentic mustika pearl, fossil or bezoar stone and feel the energy shoot through one's fingers to their heart or heart chakra.  Since the pearls, stones and fossils house a living spirit, psychics are able to note their presence and communicate with them.  True mustikas, pearls and fossils are excellent tools to use as alternatives to, or in conjunction with, healing crystals; they contain positive and higher elemental energy that is unparalleled in nature.  It is not necessary to invoke the power of these gems, as with other talismans.  The energy from the mustika, pearl or fossil will always be housed within the mustika pearl, bezoar stone or fossil.  Their energy is omnipresent.  It is up to the beholder to tap into and use the energy which these magical gems provide. 


Mustika pearls are sometimes referred to as bezoar stones.  Bezoar stones occur more commonly in nature than mustika pearls.  These gems are most often formed in the stomachs or digestive systems of mammals.   The name "bezoar" originates from the Persian words "pad zahr" meaning "antidote to poison."  Bezoar stones are also powerful, generating an energy that is essential to ward off toxins and clean arsenic laced drinks.  The most recognizable form of bezoar stones are pearls which form from oysters. Just as natural pearls are formed by the intrusion of a foreign particle or irritant that forces the oyster to secrete nacre, these bezoars can be formed by other living organisms created to fight off cancers or other bodily intrusions.  Other living creatures which produce bezoars in abundance are snakes, deer, centipedes, monkeys, wild goats, camels, porcupines, and antelopes, to name just a few.  Therefore, these pearls and stones carry an enormous amount of energy, created by an organism powerful enough to manufacture them as a response to keeping the body healthy.  Bezoar stones are often sought because of their anti-toxic qualities, so those who are seeking cleansing from illness and disease would benefit from mustika pearls, bezoar stones and fossils. 


Mustikas pearls, bezoar stones and fossils have been used by royalty and people in positions of power and have been sought by them as they would seek out rare gems, minerals or healing crystals.  The essence of the mustika pearl or bezoar stone lends its energy to the owner, allowing the owner to have great power equal to the stone's strength.


These rare natural healing crystals can be used by, Metaphysical aspect off of healing, Shamanism, Spiritualism, different Aspects of Yoga, Meditation, Occult, Mysticism, Spells, Elemental magick, Dragon Magick, Buddhist and Hindu Tantrism, Crystals Healing, Reiki Healing, Wicca, Paganism, Different aspect of magick and occult development, Thought amplification and manifestations etc etc

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