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Welcome to Mustika Pearls .com, we are delighted that you have found our site and we believe that those of you who visit here have been lead by your strong curiosity of all things magical, spiritual and truly unique. We are the largest retail provider of genuine, magical mustika pearls and Metaphysical Healing Crystals for use in metaphysical theory of Chakra Healing Crystals & Stones. We also offer fossils, curious artifacts and spiritual keris blades. We are proud to provide our customers powerful new age and metaphysical items that are exceptional, enchanting and without equal. Our bezoar stones, mustika pearls and fossils are each one-of-a-kind and are certified by metaphysical psychics who are highly trained in this area of expertise. Our items each carry their own special, individual energies and virtues that can be absorbed by those who own them and use them. Whether you desire a powerful magical tool to aid you in your occult, healing Chakra & meditation or spiritual work or you are simply looking for an increase of good luck, the power of attraction, enhanced spiritual energy, mental clarity or the enhancement of any other virtue, we have just the item that will help you to fulfill your desires. Because our inventory changes daily, it is suggested that you look over our current offerings to find just the right mustika pearl, bezoar stone or fossil for your needs. Our pearls are difficult to obtain and come from a large variety of animals, plants and elements, the most special and rare of these sell quickly, but, not to worry, we add new items daily or weekly, so check back often for newly added Mustika Pearls.

For those of you who are uninitiated about the powerful properties of mustika Pearls & Healing Crystals and fossils it is easiest to say that they are very similar to healing crystals, Chakra Crystals Stones, minerals and gems. They carry many of the same energies within them as healing crystals and minerals do and they are often as beautiful as the finest gems and semi-precious stones are. As with healing chakra crystals, minerals and gems, mustika pearls and fossils can be used in numerous new age and metaphysical applications, including their use in reiki healing, chakra healing and balancing, spiritual crystal jewelry making, guided visualization, focused healing meditation, Feng Shui crystals, spell amplification, Chakra Healing Crystals & Stones, Chakra Blalancing stones & Crystals, prophetic and/or enlightening dream production, and for use as talisman crystals or good luck charms. Mustika Pearls come in a multitude of colors and sizes, and, as mentioned, they come from a large variety of animals, plants and elements. Each and every mutika pearl and bezoar stone contains its own unique Elemental spirit or vital energy that can be harnessed for use in any new age or metaphysical application. Many mustika pearls have the added benefit of representing the four directions, North, South, East and West as well as the elements of Air, Fire, Earth and Water. Because of these special additional features they make perfect chakra companions and feng shui elements to add balance and energy to the individual person using them or living space in which they live or work.

Please take a look around our site and read more about the specific properties that our premium bezoar stones, mustika pearls and fossils have to offer. Also take advantage of the many articles on the subjects of new age, metaphysics, fossils, minerals, healing crystals, gems and the occult offered here for your information. We welcome your questions and your business and look forward to serving your spiritual and metaphysical needs now and in the future.

We specialize in: Mustika Pearls Fossils Metaphysical Healing Crystals Chakra Healing Crystals & Stones Gems Rocks Stones, Mustika Pearls Bezoar Stones, Minerals, Plant Fossils and Animal Mustika Pearls & Fossils.

Mustika Pearls we offer are obtained from Indonesia, Our Sources for Mustika Pearls are Reliable and Honest who have been dealing directly with shaman who specialize the retrieval process of Mustika Pearls from Nature, Animals & Plants. Mustika Pearls can be used for many purposes and even better if constructed as Jewelry. Mustika Pearls help to improve the quality of the aura and enhance your personal Energies. Mustika are well known in the far east and are now only appearing to a wider public across the west due to more shamans searching actively for Mustika Pearls through Intense Magickal Rituals

Mustika Pearls can be used part of your meditation to assist one from turning negative energies into positive energies, Mustika Pearls also protect its owner from Black Magick & Psychic Attacks. All our Mustika Pearls have been verified by Psychics you can be sure your Mustika is genuine and of the highest quality & grade


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